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My cat, Freddie often tends to go missing for a few days, but always comes back perfectly fine. This time, though, he came back limping, starving, and dehydrated.

He refuses to eat, even though he shows signs of clearly wanting the food we offer him (normal dry food, wet food, tuna, baby food, meat), and at first, he wouldn’t drink water either. We’ve been feeding him baby food with an eyedropper, but he dislikes that quite a bit, and it’s definitely not feeding him enough.

And now it seems to have gotten worse. He’s coughing every few minutes, and there seemed to be a bloody-looking mucus coming from his mouth earlier.

He needs to get to the vet, ASAP, but we don’t currently have the money to pay for a visit and treatment.

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I’d really like this to reach today, if it can. He needs to get to the vet as soon as possible.

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I am fire *pant pant* 

I am death. 

you ruined my life

you mean improved your life

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Nova #20

written by Gerry Dugganart by David Baldeon & Terry Pallot


Nova #20

written by Gerry Duggan
art by David Baldeon & Terry Pallot


I am Groot

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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The adventures of me wearing my graphic tees/dresses that have to do with video games or shows while working at Hot Topic. True story today.

Guys, stop doing this. It makes you 20000000 times less likely to pick up a girl. Stop “checking” us and let us love our things. 

let someone do that to me